Our territory is extraordinarily rich in painted walls, from antiquity to the present day. The wall paintings are integral parts of the architectural
whole, so the good preservation depends on the maintenance of the building as a whole.
Often these painted walls placed outside or inside buildings, have been subjected over time to remaking or degradation caused by atmospheric agents and human neglect. The main causes of degradation are to be found largely in the humidity that creates impoverishment of the wall substrate and the painted layers, saline effluorescence, infiltration.

Many of these decorative devices or simple paintings are traces of the
past that deserve to be preserved and transmitted in their integrity to
posterity. The Restorer's task is to carry out a preliminary study and a
subsequent intervention that preserves and makes readable in a
harmonious way these traces of the past, making sure that he has first of
all solved the problems that caused their degradation.

The company intervenes on different types of wall paintings, frescoes,
lime paintings, graffiti, tempera and oil on the wall
. Depending on the
type, various interventions are carried out, always involving a preliminary
study phase, when necessary, laboratory tests and analyses,
photographic surveys and preventive essays are carried out.

The interventions take place on painted walls and ceilings, interior and exterior, public and private property, bound and not. After the inspection, a restoration project is evaluated and written, which, in the case of bound works, will be endorsed by the Superintendence of reference. An initial photographic campaign is carried out and any stratigraphic and/or cleaning tests are carried out to allow for an accurate choice of the method of intervention to be carried out, based on the technique used to execute the painting.

The work generally involves structural consolidation and/or fixing of the plaster and paint film, restoration of walls and cracks, imitation grouting of the surface with composite mortars suitable for the surrounding plaster, mimetic paint retouching, glazing for large backgrounds, watercolorbased color selection or pigments dissolved in different binders. Often in the different contexts and decorative apparatus in which the wall paintings are inserted, there are frames and embellishments in relief that, where necessary, are restored and reconstructed with lime or plaster plaster as the wall portions, with the original techniques.

With the DL and the client, the type of restoration intervention, which is intended to be a conservative restoration, is established each time, until the best aesthetic final achievement.

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