The field of application of Decoration includes different processes and multiple creative aspects, applicable to spaces or products of different nature.

Also relook is one of our competences.

A Relook interior design gives life back to your spaces, with creative solutions even at low cost. On request we can offer a high quality service for your interior relook that includes the project, the materials, the advice for the choice of furnishing elements and the complete realization.

Whether you want to upset, change the atmosphere or simply "refresh" one or more rooms, we help you to make your home spaces more beautiful and in line with your personality. Improving the layout of the existing, creating an environment tailored to those who live in it with relook interventions that are not invasive and without expensive masonry work, always maintaining an original and creative style.

The possibility to express one's creativity through these interventions, makes this part of the work extremely fun, stimulating and captivating.

Painted and material decorations are designed and created inside apartments and commercial premises, integrating old and new elements on ceilings and walls, with themed trompe l'oeil, complex architectural structures, innovative colorings, lime glazes, microcement and resins, customizing each time the work in order to obtain a unique result.

Every surface can actually be the object of decorative intervention and restyling:


All these parts can be treated with traditional and innovative materials, so that they acquire new life and a new aesthetic adaptation, maintaining the necessary harmony with the environment in which they are located but giving them a new expressive power.

Among the materials and methodologies used:  

Lime glazing
Painted carpets
Trompe l'oeil
Material decorations
Preparation of microcement and resins
Application of gold, silver and copper leaf on walls and furnishing accessories
Ageing surfaces
Pictorial imitation of different materials: wood, marble, stone
Painted signs
Customized decorative panels

The decoration of interiors can be of classical and traditional inspiration or innovative and contemporary, always starting from the idea and suggestions of the customer who, following samples and sketches or graphic returns, chooses how to reinvent a space or an artifact.

Everything can suggest the right inspiration, a pre-existing color, a natural element to be proposed indoors or an antique furnishing accessory. From there you can start to create a new and comfortable space.

Our task includes the decorative design consultancy, the study of color and aesthetics, up to its realization, obtaining an impressive restyling and new look.

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