eva ferrara restorations 

 Restorer of paintings in possession of the requirements pursuant to art. 182 of Legislative Decree no. 42 of 22 January 2004, ss.mm.ii, deals with the conservation and restoration of ancient and contemporary works of art, paintings on canvas and wood, polychrome works, frescoes and wall paintings, architectural decoration of exteriors and interiors.

Restoration today must bear witness to the cultural and artistic development expressed by the work of art, created at a certain time and in a certain place. We must avoid any temptation to reinterpret and update, ensuring the material survival and restitution of the original appearance, contextualizing and historicizing any qualifying structural and aesthetic interventions over time. 

This makes restoration a critical and not exclusively technical discipline, where the restorer, in dialogue with the Works Management (Superintendence, Architects, Art Historians) and the diagnostic technicians, completes his role.

 This is what the company has been doing for about twenty years, studying the history of art and restoration and at the same time looking to the future with constant updates on new methodologies applied to the sector.
These guarantee the lowest impact on the environment and the operator
for levels of toxicity and allow the minimum intervention on the work to preserve its integrity and the best possible conservation.
Following an artistic training and Diploma of Restoration paintings obtained in Tuscany, Eva has been working since 2001 as a restorer of paintings and polychrome works, deepening the work and applying the new methodologies studied in particular on altarpieces and paintings on large canvas, in the laboratory "Nino Silvestri" in Genoa.
In 2007 she began her own business by expanding the spectrum of intervention in the various fields of restoration. In addition to the laboratory activity, there is also the construction site activity, on frescoes and wall paintings, on painted facades and artifacts of various kinds. This activity led her to collaborate with other colleagues in the sector and stimulated her to study other craft activities such as painted architectural decoration. She then completed a course at the Scuola Edile Genovese with teacher Silvana Ghigino, learning the basic techniques of traditional Genoese decoration of painted facades, which will become another important aspect of her craft activity.

“L’opera d’arte è un oggetto che racconta la sua storia, dal momento in cui è stata creata fino ad oggi. 
Il compito del conservatore e restauratore è quello di permetterne il suo mantenimento e trasmissione ai posteri, nel rispetto della duplice istanza estetica e storica.” 


In these twenty years of work, the contamination of two so different and
rich disciplines such as Restoration and Architectural Decoration, has
allowed an important growth and enrichment such as to allow flexibility,
the right attention and respect in dealing with the work in general. Every
time the company finds itself having to deal with a new intervention on an
artistic artifact, be it a painting or a facade, the type of approach and the
subsequent completion of the work is always carefully evaluated. The
intertwining of different disciplines leads the company to collaborate with
others and other craftsmen in the sector, which enrich the skills and
create new synergies. In fact, since 2015 it has been based at the shared
Genua Picta, in the historic centre of Genoa, believing it
important and necessary to enhance a craft and creative space in the
heart of its city.

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Phone: 347.1911490  |  Email: info@evaferrararestauri.it
Piazza Cernaia 5-6 r, 16123 Genoa